Our Natural Colored are Merino and Merino crosses. The crosses are left over from my old show type ewes which have some Ramboullet and Columbia in them. We purchased our original sheep from Smiths in 1994, that  go back to Iris Epply flock with additions to the flock with sheep from Tor Sorenson for my show type sheep, we then purchased a black Merino ram from Morehouse Merino to help fine up my fleeces and reduce the size. We also added sheep from Mendenhall wool ranch, Debbie Dison and Martha Polkey.  We are currently using a ram from Marta Polkey with some select ewes.  

                We are now trying to breed sheep that are small and easy keepers with a docile personality. We want a fine fleece and correct conformation.  Our sheep come in a verity of colors from black to a slivery brown to spotted.