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Our Lincolns were just added to our flock in 2015. We purchased the reserve champion white Lincoln ewe from Radar Lincolns and the Reserve Champion Natural Colored Lincoln ewe from Mindy Reid at the National Show and Sale. The white ewe went on to win Grand Champion ewe at the Ohio State Fair and Best fleece along with Supreme Champion Ewe at the Geauga county fair, the Natural colored ewe was first in her class at the Ohio State Fair and supreme champion at two county fairs.  We also purchased a ewe and lamb pair from Hammer Lincolns and a Natural colored ram lamb from Mindy Reid who won Best Fleece at the national show.  In addition to those ewes we purchased a white Lincoln ram lamb, a white ewe lamb and her black sister from Rader Lincolns who went on to win Reserve Champion natural colored ewe and best fleece at the National show in Louisville.

To close our flock we purchased 5 older white Lincoln ewes from Bill Bankhead of Springfield farm. They have old genetics which go back to Lees Lincolns from Canada whose families bred Lincolns since the 1900s. These ewes are all older hardy ewes and have many supreme and national champions in their pedigrees. These ewes also are bred to live off of pasture with minimum grain and easy lambing abilities and strong mothering instincts. These traits are extremely important to Mr. Bankhead and Mr. Lee.  Besides those important traits the wool and Lincoln breed characteristics are and were extremely important to these two influential Lincoln breeders.  I am extremely excited to be offering lambs from these amazing sheep in the future and carrying on the legacy of these amazing breeders.