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Chaotic Farm was started in 1993 when my parents moved to the country and decided they wanted get a pair of black ewe lambs  at the Medina county Jr. Fair livestock sale to eat the grass. It was followed that February with the purchase of another black Corriedale ewe , a white Corriedale ram and a Corriedale bottle baby and in  August that year at the state fair where a flock of natural colored Corriedale  sheep were for sale, which my parents purchased . We have since then added other different types of natural coloreds into our breeding program before deciding on raising natural colored Merinos because of their fine fleeces, smaller size and easy personality.

In 2004 we decided to add white Merinos from Jerry Frame.   In 2015 we decided to finally get Lincolns after many years of admiring this lovely rare English breed to finally purchase them. 

We do our best to keep our Natural Colored and Merino sheep covered to help keep their fleeces clean.  The Lincolns we do not cover because that will ruin the fleece. The Merino are usually sheared in April and the Lincolns are shorn in November and April.  The lambs are born in October, February and March.   

Please look at our sheep and wool pages for what we have for sale. For further questions please give us a call or email.

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